Xitech 4" DNAPL Skimmer Pumps

DNAPL Recovery Pump

4 " DNAPL Recovery Pump

This 4" Smart Pump was designed to recover high viscosity DNAPLs like Coal-Tar.

The 4" Smart Pump is completely resistant to all solvents, easily fits into any 4" well or larger, has a pumping rate up to 60 GPH, operating well depth of 200 feet, and requires no above ground controls to operate.

The maximum air requirements are .5 CFM @ 125 PSIG, and air quality requirements are 5-10 Microns.

Model ADJ 201

Pumping range: .1 GPH - 60 GPH
Size: 3.5" diameter x 9 inches long
Weight: 8 pounds

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