Case Studies

Obviously in this section we have to protect the identity of the locations, but we have been allowed to mention the problems and give you some basic information as to how the site has been cleaned up using Xitech products.

The below examples are just two of over 80 sites across the world that we personally have been involved with. In these 2 below examples we have installed them and maintained them and also provide dipping and sample data to the clients shortly after the site visits.

Large Fuel Depot

Large Fuel Depot Case Study


The main oil interceptor underground had developed a leak in 2005 It is estimated that 1 million litres had gone in the ground and was sat on the water table and perched in underground pockets.

The oil was migrating towards a major river and it was decided to use x6 extended travel 4" Skimmers. The reason for the extended travel version was because the river has a 1 meter tidal fluctuation.

Site Problems:

  • The site has an Atex zone so we used 3 explosion proof timers to control 2 pumps each.
  • The site as mentioned has tidal fluctuations and therefore the extended version was used.
  • The product was only obtainable at high tide, and high tides shift in time throughout the year, so a Tidal switch was suggested, so at high tide the air was turned on via the timer for a set amount of time.


Since the system was installed and with an annual service visit the site has recovered an estimated.
Total equipment list: x6 ADJ1000 with extended travel, 3 Explosion proof timers

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Railway shunting yard

Railway shunting yard Case Study


1. Constant Engine movement for over 100 years has resulted in this yard being heavily contaminated with oil.
The hotspot near the track have been identified and over the last 10 years has had a 8 ADJ1000 Skimmers that are split into two zones.
Each Zone has: 1. x4 Skimmers

2. 1 container with compressor, multi-stage timer, Air dryer, Holding tank with level switch.


Since the system has been installed and with bi monthly maintenance has recovered over 100,000 litres.

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